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In today's real estate market, you need to work with a real estate professional you can trust. All brokers at Windermere Realty Trust provide the absolute finest service and expertise possible. Whether you are buying or selling your primary home, second home, investing, or relocating to a new neighborhood, we can help your ownership dreams come true.

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Joe Menashe
Managing Principal Broker
Portland Heights | 2424 SW Vista Ave, Portland, OR 97201
503-784-1855  |  Licensed in Oregon   |

"Joe - You are genuinely interested in benefiting your client over yourself.  We always felt that you had our best interests in mind and were really working to represent our needs.  You were frank and honest in our discussions and dealings.  Your responsiveness to our requests and questions was immediate and your communication regarding information you needed in order to best aid us and respond to other agents was specific and explanatory.  We would recommend your services to any other prospective buyer or seller as we know that you would offer them the same level of expertise as you have offered us.  We are thankful for you, your time, your experience and personable demeanor throughout this very tedious process... you made it so much less stressful and for that we are extremely grateful."

-Christopher Van Ness

"For over 10 years, whether for personal or investment purposes, Joe's expertise, persistence and professionalism has proven to be invaluable. His research, wealth of knowledge, understanding of the real estate market within its many subcategories and his personal attention to details are only a few of his attributes."

- Fern Winkler Schlesinger

"Thanks for lunch today. You may be the only realtor who bought me lunch this year! You're a class act Joe. It's people like you who give me faith in this business."

- Steve Landis, RPM Morgage

"Joe, thank you for getting our mom's home sold and successful negotiations!!! We really appreciate you."

- Jeff & Kari Kappler

"Joe sold us our home 25 years ago. We raised our children here and still love it. Joe recently listed and sold my mother's house after she passed last year. In both transactions, Joe was thorough, covering all details and taking the time to explain things that we would not thought of. His communication was outstanding. We could not have made a better choice of Realtor."

- Don Spiegel & Debbie Davis

"We could not have been more satisfied in working with Joe to sell our home. He made every phase, from preparing to sell to closing, hassle free. He was on the spot with solutions for every problem we needed to solve. He's a real pro and indispensable partner. We would work with him again without any reservation."

- John & Toni Colosimo

"We had the great fortune of having Joe Menashe serve as our real estate agent for both the purchase and sale of our home this year. We looked at homes with Joe for about two years. He was so patient and understanding. He had wonderful insight and knowledge about our purchase and we could not have been happier. He made himself very accessible, responded to e-mails and calls very promptly, and never pressured us in any way. When it came time to sell our home we had a fantastic experience. The marketing details were amazing and had a very professional look. We had an offer on our home just a month after listing it and closed less than a month later and it was all seamless! If you are looking for someone who provides the highest level of professional services and really knows his business, go with Joe. You will not be disappointed."

- Liz & Mark Schiele

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Joe Menashe for 15 years. Joe has the true talent and professionalism to handle any real estate transaction seamlessly. Joe personally helped me buy my home and when it came time to consider selling, gave me a thorough analysis that was clear, precise and easy to understand. In handling challenges with escrow issues, Joe is a pro. I have worked with him on many escrow repairs. He values my time as a contractor. Joe comes prepared with facts, addendum and often the inspection report is emailed to me prior to my arrival, making my job very easy. I truly enjoy having Joe on my team and always look forward to every opportunity to work with him. I do refer Joe to my family, friends and co-workers without hesitation. I strongly recommend Joe for any of your real estate needs"

- Gary Nieuwhof

"Joe Menashe has been our personal realtor for sixteen years. We have purchased and sold a number of investment properties through Joe. But the grand task which we burdened him with was to find us just the right Arts and Crafts home in Ladd's Addition. Several years and countless showings later, Joe located our dream home. His expertise, integrity, determination and genuine ability to see the world of real estate through our eyes was invaluable. We recommend Joe to everyone we know without reservation. He's simply the best."

- Steve & Nicole

"Joe Menashe is an outstanding realtor, who demonstrates true professionalism. We hired him to facilitate the sale of our home. He met with us; presented a well-organized sales plan, which included home preparation, market analysis and promotion. With his help, we sold our house 2 days after listing for our full asking price. Our closing process was smooth and hassle free. Joe was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing a professional realtor."

- Chris & Sharon Swide

“You have handled my real estate needs brilliantly and I have complete trust in your professionalism, integrity and skill. Thanks to you, I have a great home in a great neighborhood.”

- Marshall Spector

"As an escrow officer in the Portland area, I began working with Joe Menashe several years ago. At the time, I was seeking to increase my realtor base and was searching out those agents who I felt were productive and successful. Joe not only met those requirements, but was a genuinely nice guy. I was so impressed with what he did for his clients, that I also became his client, asking him to help me sell my home in Lake Oswego. He did an excellent job and I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone looking for a hard working, problem solving professional."

- Pam McClellan

"Just a note to thank you for all your help in finding a home to meet our requirements, determining a workable offer, negotiating with the seller and following through to closing. Your advice and negotiating saved us about 5% of the potential cost of the transaction. Your friendly, no pressure, professional approach was much appreciated by my wife and I."

- Art & Pixie Schroeter

"Hi Joe: I would like to thank you for your great effort on the sale of our house and for your consideration of the situation that Connie and I were both in. In my opinion, with me in Minneapolis and your team in Portland, the communication felt seamless in terms of fulfilling the requirements for selling the house. In particular the extent of the repairs and contribution you made to get us over some of the obstacles the buyers were presenting. Again, I appreciate all your efforts and wish you well in the future."

- Mic Johnson

"I have worked with Joe Menashe on several occasions over the last few years and can say that he has always managed my affairs in a very able manner. As an executive of the fourth fastest growing computer company in the world I find that my time is very precious. Joe has acted as both buyers agent and as the seller of my properties and he always has kept demands on my time to a minimum. I also appreciate the way in which Joe has acted professionally and his ability to price accurately and offer buying advice that has enabled my wife and myself to get the property we required at effective pricing. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Menashe, he is an honest and straightforward real estate agent."

- Phillip & Karen P

"I wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Joe Menashe did for me. Joe and I talked on the telephone twice. We got to know each other and I felt comfortable with him. He understood my wish list and had an excellent feel for the kind of house I was looking for that was in my price range. We then spoke a few days later and before we had met, he did some research and suggested we look at the house I would eventually buy. It was the first house we looked at, and because of his efforts and knowledge of what I was looking for, it was the right house for me, and I made an offer that was accepted. The whole looking process was made easy because Joe listens to his client’s needs and then does the legwork. He knew my time was valuable and didn't even think of showing me a house that wouldn't fit my needs and would waste my time. However, that is only half the story. There turned out to be several complications during the signing process and every time there was a snag, Joe was there to answer my questions and help me out. Joe kept things on an even keel for me when at times it looked like things would fall apart. I am now in my house and love it. Joe Menashe has several great attributes but maybe his biggest strengths are the patience and guidance he lends to his clients with a reassuring demeanor that makes him a pleasure to work with."

- Steve Friedman

“To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to serve as a reference for Joe Menashe. I have worked with Joe both on a personal level and business level. In both cases Joe was very professional and made sure that every detail was taken care of with nothing overlooked. He is a good listener and during the initial meeting took notes and made sure that he understood all his client's needs so as to address requirements that the client felt was important in making a decision. As Assistant General Manager of the Portland Trail Blazers I was responsible for getting one of our new players, Arvydas Sabonis settled in a home that would make him and his family comfortable as quickly as possible. Joe handled the Sabonis home search as well as anyone could with the barrier of language and all the other obstacles that come along with that scenario. He developed a great relationship with Mrs. Sabonis and with his ability to speak just enough Spanish they were able to find a wonderful home within a week and were moved in and settled after a month of setting foot in Portland. Joe was also very good in his follow-up both before and after the closing and went the extra mile whenever it was asked of him. I would highly recommend Joe Menashe to any individual or company that was in the market for residential property in the Portland metropolitan area. If you have any questions feel free to contact me personally."

- Jim Paxson Assistant General Manager Portland Trail Blazers

"Calm. Thoughtful. Experienced. The process of selling and buying a home is never easy—yet when you have an honest and thorough professional like Joe for the journey, you know it’s going to work out fine. Cake needs frosting, but great bread stands on its own. Highly recommend Joe!"

- The Lewin Family

"Joe Menashe was spot-on the right choice for us.  We put our house on the market during Covid and his professionalism and resources got the job done in a very short period of time.  I called him when I needed assistance in contractor recommendations, contract questions, and basic advice.   He always got back to me right away with what I needed.  He also kept us updated through the sales process.  Thanks for your help and getting the job done!"  
-Josie Adams

"We’re it not for Joe Menashe’s vast skills and mentoring relationship, I would have failed to buy a house in Lake Oswego.  He stood by my side, protecting me from bad investments, homes with costly defects, and underbidding on very desirable listings.  He always had my back on critical dates whether to continue escrow, counter on home inspection items, or to back out of a deal not in my best interest.  He’s a skilled negotiator, even with demanding sellers.  I am grateful for his representation and old-fashioned class."

-Laurel Truscott, Bay Area

"Joe found the RIGHT house for me during my transition from being a longtime Seattle resident to moving back to Portland. I had previous agents showing me leads saying how each was "perfect for me", even though some were the opposite of what I was looking for and had specifically told them.
Joe cares about his clients instead just making a sale.. Even years after my move to Portland, Joe continues to be invaluable when it comes to being my go to reference for any repairs, jobs, or maintenance that needs to be done on my house. Instead of being just a real estate agent, Joe is more like a good friend or relative who just happens to be recognized as tops in his field, and in his caring and integrity."

- Jay Holzman

"Selling a home, especially one you have lived in for a period of time, can be a daunting experience. I entered the journey with a recommendation from a trusted friend, as to who could best guide me through this process. It was wonderful from beginning to end. There were shared conversations about what must be, and what options were available. I never felt pressured—I felt I had a guide by my side.  Joe Menashe gave me sound advice at every turn. The process was smooth and efficient, and cleanly executed. I was in good hands from beginning to closure."

-Jan E. Albrecht

"In our lives, we are lucky when we are able to share our experiences with other soulful and genuine people. Joe Menashe is one of those people. He has been a wonderful friend and professional over our 24 yrs of knowing him. His honesty and professionalism is genuine. He guides with wisdom and experience. Thank you Joe for your calm and reassuring hand throughout our transactions!"

-Jill and Gary Nieuwhof 

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